These are some of the apps we’ve built. Reaktor Tutorial ensembles can be found at the bottom of the page.



 is a Quartz Composer patch (“composition”) which explores simple generatively moving and audio-responsive line structures. The patch demonstrates the use of Integrators with the mouse for dynamic user interaction. The patch uses Kineme GL and Kineme DataTools, which can be downloaded from

Grain Stretch

The GrainStretch.ens is a Reaktor patch that streams in audio and allows you to independently change the pitch and speed through a custom granular engine written in core. Everything is labeled, so feel free to go in and start messing with it all. Also, there is a panel B with more controls for creating Grain Cloud style effects.



The ATChopperV2.ens is a Reaktor patch that streams in audio and allows you to chop, or re-sequence the audio in real time. The chops are all set to a quantized grid based off of the host tempo (similar to how MLR works, but as a VST). Additionally, the buttons 0-7 can be mapped to MIDI CC messages to allow for control from an interface (like the monome, arduinome, chronome, launchpad, etc).


nomeStateSerialOSC.ens: A basic OSC to MIDI convertor for the Monome/Arduinome/Chronome devices, and made in Reaktor. The app lets you choose a midi channel for your device, and also set CC Toggle (with radio groups), CC trigger, and MIDI Note for each button on your Monome/Arduinome/Chronome.

To set up your OSC in Reaktor
Go file->OSC settings
Set the top port to 8000
Add new connection in the middle area      /box         8080
Then click activate at the top

**This version only works with serialOSC!! If you are using arduinomeSerial or monomeserial then you must nomeStateArduinomeSerial.ens.

Basic Synth Tutorial

Basic Reaktor Synth

This synth is from the Reaktor Tutorials, and shows how to build a basic two oscillator subtractive synth. The video tutorial can be found here on our vimeo page. Basic 2OSC Synth.ens

Filter Modulation Tutorial

This is the first in a new series of Reaktor Tutorials that we will be posting on This ensemble covers the different ways in which you can modulate a Filter in Reaktor (Filter PMFM Test.ens), and the tutorial can be found here.