********* The Chronome Is Still In Beta, But Feel Free To Use Any Of The Files ********


chronome assembly instructions here

schematics, drawings, and gerber files for making the PCB

firmware id flash tutorial

firmware download


  • USB bus powered
  • 8×8 pressure sensitive keypad grid with RGB leds supporting 127 values for each color
  • auxiliary ports for 8 additional analog i/o, such as knobs, joysticks, accelerometers, rotary encoders, etc
  • based on Arduino Mega, allowing for firmware changes to be made using the Arduino IDE
  • open source firmware and schematics

one arduino mega is needed per keypad.

we have made a laser cut enclosure, and will post the .dwg files soon.

mega shield


  • easy through-hole soldering required.
  • connection is made using ribbon cable. one 8-pin cable, one 2×10-pin cable, and one 2×8 pin cable
  • additional 2×8-pin header and 10k pull down resistor can be soldered to allow for additional ADC pins to be used.


button pad


  • 5mm RGB leds
  • connection is made using ribbon cable. one 8-pin cable, and one 2 x 10-pin cable
  • 2 layer circuit board