Parts List

The following parts list should serve as a general guideline for building an arduinome. We are in the process of making sure this list is 100% complete, so there may be one or two things missing right now. Some of the totals do not reflect all parts– please make sure to read the comments and special instructions.  Thank you.


Quantity Part Number Description Unit Price Total
1 DEV-11021 Arduino USB Board (Uno) $29.95 $29.95
4 COM-08033 Button Pad 4×4 – Breakout PCB $9.95 $39.80
4 COM-07835 Button Pad 4×4 – LED Compatible $9.95 $39.80
64 COM-08588 Diode Small Signal – 1N4148 $0.12 $7.68
3 COM-08375 Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF $0.25 $0.75
Total Does not include shipping $117.98


Quantity Part Number Description Unit Price Total
1 MAX7219CNG+ IC DRIVER LED DISPLAY 8DGT 24DIP $10.81 $10.81
1 MM74HC164N IC REGISTER PAR-OUT 8BIT 14-DIP $0.54 $0.54
1 MM74HC165N IC REGIST PAR-IN/SER-OUT 16-DIP $0.54 $0.54
1 ED90053-ND IC SOCKET 24PIN MS TIN/TIN .300 (socket for MAX7219) $1.53 $1.53
1 ED90049-ND IC SOCKET 14PIN MS TIN/TIN .300 (socket for 74HC164n) $0.89 $0.89
1 ED90050-ND IC SOCKET 16PIN MS TIN/TIN .300 (socket for 74HC165n) $1.02 $1.02
1 770-101-R100KP-ND *RES NET 9RES 100K OHM 10PIN (see note below) $0.42 $0.42
2 S1012E-36-ND CONN HEADER .100 SINGL STR 36POS $1.25 $2.50
1 P828-ND 10UF 50V MINI ALUM ELECT (KA) $0.16 $0.64
4 ASC16H-ND CONN IDC SOCKET 16POS 15 GOLD $2.12 $8.48
1 AE16G-5-ND CABLE 16 COND 5′ GRAY RIBBON $2.07 $2.07
64 *LED’S *See note below
1 *RESISTOR *See note below
Total Does not include shipping, or parts labeled with “*” $30.58

* Resistor value is determined by the type of led you use. It sets the maximum potential current to the leds. See for more info

** I highly recommend purchasing a few extra of everything here

*** Shield resister network (10-pin) only needs the first nine. Either bend the 10th resistor pin out of the way, or cut it off the end. DO NOT remove the pin closest to the “dot”

Arduinome Shield

Shields can be purchased from the suggested supplier in the US 4PCB.

To purchase your shield from 4pcb, just ask for order number #4pcb_Owen.

We have worked out a deal which gives you 4 boards + 1 free for $33 each (does not include shipping and handling)

Total = $132 + shipping and handling

We spoke with Ryan Schlecht (, and you may wish to speak with him as well. 800-979-4722 ext. 1304

*** People have been organizing group buys for the shields to minimize costs, and we recommend you do the same for the sake of $$ and more importantly, to stay true to the amazing ethics & manufacturing ideologies of Monome. To start a new group buy, or to join an existing group order, please hop aboard