Formerly the Arduino Monome Project

…Not the Alan Parsons Project

Although that wouldn’t be so bad.

While we are obviously complete multi-touch and tangible interface addicts, our love for blinky lights and the immediacy and naturalness of push buttons, paired with our interest in teaching ourselves physical computing, the Arduino and hardware based programming has led to the Arduinome. We think the Monome is one of the smartest and most elegant USB Midi controllers available, and because it is open source , we thought it would be a great project to make a clone of the Monome, using the easy to find Arduino, and learning a little bit about shift-registers and multiplexors among many other things along the way.

Navigate the sections below to find out more information on how it works, and how you can build one yourself.

We would like to take this time to give a big thank you to everyone who has helped, and the people @ Monome, including its user community for being so great. Directly or indirectly, through email or inspiration you have all been a big help.

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