FlipMu is home to the collective works of Owen Vallis and Jordan Hochenbaum. Interested in exploring the artistic and aesthetic implications of fusing interactive design, sound, and technology, FlipMu has created works ranging from large scale interactive multi-touch installations to live musical performance using custom hardware and software.

Jordan Hochenbaum


jordan_hochenbaum_biophotoJordan Hochenbaum is a musician and multimedia artist concerned with finding meaningful connections between music, art, and technology. At a young age, Jordan developed a keen interest in the composition, and decomposition of both audio and electronics. Early in his life, computers were constantly being taken apart and reassembled, guitars smashed, and old toys and found objects circuit-bent and scrambled. While Jordan found a comforting beauty in reconfiguring the old, it wasn’t long before Jordan’s artistic desires also led him to the need of designing and creating expressive, custom devices. From a list spanning custom-made tube Theremins to the large-scale musical multi-touch interface Bricktable, Jordan’s work is informed by an eclectic background and interests in sound and technology.

Education and Current Work

Jordan is pursuing his PhD in Sonic Arts at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. In 2009, Jordan received his Bachelors of Fine Art from California Institute of the Arts, where he studied in a multidisciplinary program mixing music and technology. Jordan’s current hub of interests includes designing new musical interfaces for live performance, analog and digital electronics, multimodal sensor-systems, and playing & composing a wide range of musical genres ranging from electronic music to North Indian classical.

Jordan’s work has been featured online and in print, including Wired and XLR8R Magazine, on Processing.org, and at international festivals and conferences including Google I/O, NASA’s Yuri’s Night, and Berlin Open 2009.

Resume [PDF]

Owen Vallis


Owen Vallis is currently Professor of Music Technology at the California Institute of the Arts, MTIID (Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence, and Design program), and is a musician, artist, and scientist interested in performance, sound, and technology. As a co-founder of Flipmu, and The Noise Index, he explores a diverse range of projects including big data research, sound art installations, producing and composing, designing audio processors, and creating new hardware interfaces for musical performance.

Education and Current Work

Owen received his Ph.D. in 2013 at the New Zealand School of Music, Victoria University of Wellington, and explored contemporary approaches to live computer music. During his graduate research, he focused on developing new musical interfaces, interactive musical agents, and large networked music ensembles. Owen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology from the California Institute of the Arts in 2008. Having lived in Toronto, Canada; Wellington, New Zealand; Tokyo, Japan; San Francisco, Nashville, and Los Angeles, he has been able to develop a broad and interesting cross section of musical ideologies and aesthetics. Over the past 10 years, he has: worked as a research scientist for Twitter; developed multi-touch interfaces for Nokia research labs; worked for leading ribbon microphone manufacturer Royer Labs; has had musical production featured in major motion films; designed and built a recording facility; and produced, engineered, and mixed records in Tokyo, Nashville, and Los Angeles. Owen’s work has been featured in Wired, Future Music, Pitchfork, XLR8R, Processing.org, computer arts magazine, and shown at events such as NASA’s Yuri’s Night, Google I/O, and the New York Cutlog art festival.

Resume [PDF]